Your home should be the absolute last place that stresses you out. Together, let’s make life easier.

My dedication to my business goes beyond simply decluttering and organizing physical spaces. I know exactly how it feels to be anxious and overwhelmed; I understand that an organized space can have a profound impact on one's mental and emotional well-being. I empower you to live a more intentional and fulfilling life by helping you reclaim your spaces and establish effective systems.

Now my clients find joy in the simplicity of an organized life. They experience increased productivity, reduced stress, and a newfound sense of peace and tranquility in their surroundings. My passion for organization shines through in every project I take on, making me a trusted partner for those seeking to bring order and balance back into their lives.

Being organized made me more efficient at home and work and I never knew what came natural to me did not come natural to others.

Noticing that my teams were stressed and overwhelmed, it was second nature for me to calm this chaos by organizing their environments. I found that implementing the systems I set in place for myself also worked to help others. Seeing my team's elevated performance and happiness made me realize this was my calling. 

Throughout this time, I was dealing with anxiety and depression and the one thing that I could always find peace with was ensuring my environments were detailed and organized. 

My name is Becki McKenna and I am the owner + founder of Happy to Help Organizing. 

Prior to creating this business, I worked several high stress professions where having structure and clear communication with my team was key to their success. 

Welcome! Thank you for taking time to learn a little about me.

Fun Facts About Me

That's enough business talk

I was born in Milwaukee, WI

I love trying new restaurants 

In wisconsin, i was an event manager where i planned and executed corporate events and weddings

I have a miniature dachshund, Trigger, who is the love of my life

my favorite days are sitting at the park with my dog and reading a book

i have my degree in interior design

There may be times throughout the day where your involvement will be needed but for the most part you can come and go as you please while we work hard on transforming your space.

Do I need to be present for the organizing day?

All projects are different, which is why we love what we do. During the consultation we will have a better idea of how long the session will take because every person has a different objective and we tailor it around your goal.

How long does a project take?

Hiring a professional organizer means you can sit back and relax while we get to work. From the moment we walk in to the time we leave we will have everything we need to set your space up for perfection. We research and shop for products ahead of time (price of product not included) that are tailored to your budget and aesthetic, create custom labels and take any unwanted items to local donation centers outside of our scheduled organizing hours.

What is all included in your services?

Hiring a professional organizer can bring numerous benefits such as expertise in maximizing space, reducing clutter and stress, saving time and money, providing personalized solutions, and enhancing productivity and focus. With our knowledge, product awareness, and gentle approach, we can transform your space, creating a harmonious and organized environment that improves your overall well-being.

Why hire a professional organizer?

Frequently Asked Questions

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Organize More Effectively 

Are you drowning in clutter and can't find your keys—again? I get it, life's chaotic. That's why I've put together a game-changing DIY guide to help you organize your home like a pro. Trust us, your future self will high-five you for it. Drop your name and email below and let's organize your space, shall we?

"Becki is exceptional at what she does. She has this very calm and soothing way about her, which helped my anxiety about the whole thing which was high."

"She is thorough, thoughtful and a true professional. The entire project came off without a hitch and without any pressure. Even my garage is in perfect order! From closets, to the kitchen to bathrooms and more, it's as if I have a new house!"

Mysti - Orlando, FL

"My home looks incredible!"

"Becki helped me sort through about 75% of all my stuff in only two sessions, and we were able to work together to take advantage of the space and make it look absolutely beautiful. Her approach allowed me to be involved with the cleaning without getting exhausted like I normally do, and I'm now left with workspace, general organization, and closet organization like I've always wanted! She was also so sweet and fun while she tackled the cleaning projects, it made the time fly by. I highly recommend her service to anyone working on getting organized, and look forward immensely to working with her more in the future weeks!"

Phoebe - Winter Garden, FL

 Leslie, Clermont, FL

"Things that were tucked away for years and crammed in my guest bedrooms were divided for keeps, donate and throw out. I’m so grateful for the hard work and hours Becki worked with me to make my guest bedrooms livable again! Thanks, Becki!"

"Becki was amazing in every capacity. She’s professional and was incredibly organized."

"Becki is AMAZING! She came into our home to help me organize our kids rooms and I can’t express how happy we are with her work."

"She is so professional. She returned my calls and texts promptly. She came into our home with a plan and so kindly and gently put that plan into action! She also has a great gift of respecting your personal space and your personal belongings, which I thought was awesome. If you are looking for help organizing any space, Becki is your girl! Thank you so much for making our space so much better!! The kids are so happy and my husband and I smile every time we walk into their rooms."

Jessica - Winter Park, FL

"The best experience. We could have never imagined reorganizing the house."

"She walks in with such a positive attitude. Puts you at ease. She takes her lead from you. But she keeps things moving and makes deciding what stays or what goes much easier than I expected. Everyone that has lived in a house for a long time knows the reason you can’t part with all the clutter is because you might need it in two or three years. Even though you haven’t used it in past 5 years. This is the go to person for complete organization of home, sheds or apartments. Also a great team player. We were lucky to find her. Highly recommend her based on her integrity, professionalism, organization abilities tailored to your style. The best of the best."

Susan T - Baldwin Park, FL

"Becki has been the best! She is organized, professional, and calm."

"I have a large farm house and office. The down sizing of 25 years in this house was overwhelming. Becki tackled it one room at a time, allowing me to be as involved as I wanted. I didn’t realize the weight I’ve been carrying around and how freeing it is to let it go, but I would have never done this project without Becki. If you read this review, Just know she is the Best."

Donna M - Winter Garden, FL

Amanda c - windermere, FL

She was thoughtful, professional, and even great with my little one. She helped us organize toys - a tremendous feat - and books. She also made our chaotic entrance look GREAT. I highly recommend her and already scheduled appointment #2 to tackle the kitchen.

"Becki was just what our family of four needed."

Taranjeet - altamonte springs, FL

She organizes strategically and really listens to what your expectations are. She also doesn’t waste time at all and works hard through all of her hours. Extremely transparent and dependable. I would absolutely hire her again.

"I hired Becki after a big move to Florida. She is a wonderful, genuine person that truly knows what she is doing!"

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