why we have clutter, how to declutter

We all have “stuff” in our lives and homes. Overtime, we may find that we have collected too many items and are now living in a cluttered home environment. There are many psychological and emotional aspects of our nature as humans that can contribute to the reasons why we let clutter accumulate.

4 Reasons We Keep Clutter

  1. The items may have a sentimental attachment, reminding us of past relationships or experiences. While the item may offer no practical purpose, we struggle to part with it.
  2. The fear of “needing it later” thought process can prevent us from parting with items we will likely never use or need.
  3. The lack of time can prevent us from tackling decluttering projects, even though we know it needs to be done. Having a busy life that prevents time to declutter allows for the accumulation of more clutter over time.
  4. If you lack organizational skills, this can contribute to clutter buildup. If you find it difficult to effectively categorize and store your items, it’s likely decluttering won’t happen.

4 Ways To Declutter

  1. Work to understand that while you may let go of a sentimental item, you aren’t letting go of the memories or moments shared in the relationship or experience.
  2. While you may need something later, if you haven’t found a need in months or maybe even years you are probably good to let it go.
  3. If you lead a busy life and time is not on your side try starting with one small project and work your way up from there.
  4. If you lack to skills to tackle a decluttering project, know it’s ok to ask for help. Get your family members and friends to help or hire a professional home organizer.

Clutter accumulates in our lives for a variety of reason. There may be underlying psychological or cultural influences at play as well. Understanding the “why” behind the clutter can help you begin to develop strategies to manage and reduce your clutter. Creating a clutter-free, organized home environment will offer mental clarity, less stress, and an overall improved sense of well being.

why we have clutter, how to declutter

Why Do We Have Clutter?

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